Welcome to Hakkapeliitat site

We are a clan that plays America's Army,
We mainly play just as a hobby, but we are an active in competition series.

The clan was established on 20.11.2008, by Feertti, Pauke and Sotaratsu.
We intend to have a friendly gaming environment for clan friends, friends and random players.
Hakkapeliitat have a voice server, where all players are welcome.

We are currently recruiting active players, preferably adult or atleast mature.
We will offer to ourself from own fridge most suitable drinks for playing moments.

Hakkapeliitat theme
Quotation from Wikipedia:
Hakkapeliitat were Finnish light cavalryman in the service of Sweden during the Thirty Years' War.
They typically had 2 pistols, sword, a helmet, and leather armor or a breastplate of steel.

Our clan theme was generated by Feertti to bringing up Finnish military tradition what belongs these kind of war games.